I am a Bookworm

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Thus I describe myself as a reader of fiction

knapp  Why do I read fiction?
to relax, to dream, to experience something new and different, to learn how other people think, to learn about the living of other people

knappwhat kind of books do I not want to read?
  I don't like longish narrations about subjects of no interest in my opinion.
I don't like pornography or books which give me a feeling of insecurity or distaste.
Reading should be a destressing time to get away from the common world and not urge me into too hard strain.

knapp  Favorite author?
No permanent, my liking is changing.
If I like an author, I usually try to find more books by the same author and read all of their production.

knapp  What do I see as a good book?
The language has to be enjoyable, there shall not be too many visible translation errors.
A good book shall live in me and the feeling for the people in the book shall stay in me even when the reading is finished.
A good book shall give me a longing for reading more written by the same author or about the same subject.
The people in the story should be alive for me.

knapp  A bad book?
Those I struggle to come through. At last I determine that I really do not have to read this book to the end.
A bad book is missing an action, the scene is not to be seen.
A bad book is a lot of words and syllables but no intrigue or melody.

knapp   What do I read?
Lots of different kind of litterature but mostly fiction,
some kind of fantasy books as I like the feeling of fairy tales and the excitement and thrill.
I like detective stories with not too much violence, just as a kind of riddles.
I like books which give me things to reflect over and inspirering for further thinking.
I like novels about a family through the ages, historical novels and other books which give me an idea about how people were living in older times.

Made March 2001, update 2019