Spring 1932 Photo Torgil S

Ingegerd five months old

Midday nap Photo Torgil S

October3, 1933
The teddy's name was "Nalle"

Christmas Day 1933 Photo Torgil S Mormor Moster Britta Farfar Morfar Farmor Lasse Morbror Arne Moster Inga Farbror Jalle Tant Elsa Gammelmoster Ella Faster Essie Mamma Kerstin Ingegerd

Christmas Day 1933 all family at my grandmother's.
I'm sitting in my mothers lap.
My brother 6 weeks old
Photo by my father Torgil Ståhle
Lay the mouse on the heads for names
Names and data

Going to school Photo Birgitta Ahlberg

Going to my first day at school
The yeast factory where my father was working in the background

My birthday 10 years old Photo Birgitta Ahlberg

My birthday 10 years old
My mother, my little sister and I wearing Uppland National costume

Reading 11 years old Photo Birgitta Ahlberg

Reading 11 years old

Confirmation 1946 Photo Birgitta Ahlberg

My Confirmation Day May 22, 1946

1947 photo Birgitta Ahlberg Mamma Kerstin Ingegerd Farfar Lasse Pappa Torgil Ragnar Gunhild Mormor

Family May 18,1947 outside the western wall of our house

Engaged April 18, 1953, photo Roland Ivarsson

Lucky girl, just engaged to Roland
He has taken this portrait of his beloved.

brudpar 19540425
Wedding 1954- April 25

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