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Ida's Summer Song

You shall not think it is summer
if nobody does'nt make a start
of summer and makes it summerish,
then the flowers will begin to bloom.
Summer makes the flowers blossom
and the field of the cows green.
ko And when the summer is here
the snow has melted away.

Summer fills the brook with water
hiphopping over the stones.
svala Summer fills the air with swallows
and gnats for the swallows to eat.
Summer makes new leaves on the trees
and nests for the birds anywhere.
Summer paints the sky in the evenings
in colours yellow and rose.
smultron Wild strawberries are for the children,
they like to find them to eat.
And lots of nice bushy places
to play in for those who are small.
children When summer fills the children
the meadows are good for play
and rushing around in joy
with legs which are longing to jump.

This is a try to give an idea of the content of one of the most beloved childrens summer songs here in Sweden.
Origin text:Astrid Lindgren /music Georg Riedel

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