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Who I am? A Swedish retired Pharmacist of 80+. My husband Roland who was a retired bookseller died in August 2012. Since year 2009 we were living in an apartment in town Ljusdal in geographical middle of Sweden. That was a great change in our lives. We had been living for fifty years in a little country village, a hamlet, near Färila in the middle of Sweden.

That hamlet is called MON which means "The Heath" in English, and the soil is really very dry and sandy. There are about twenty households. It is situated one English mile from the church village Färila (ca 2000 inh) in the township of Ljusdal. It is an area where the main occupations have been based on forestry, which is now mechanized and there is need for other occupations. Hälsingland is the southmost county of "Norrland", the northern part of Sweden, large in area but sparse populated.

We had a house Hansegården at Mon in Färila that we had to sell in 2009. A sad but necessary task for old people like us as all our children live far away. We were not able to keep the house in order any longer. We are both old people. So now you find our living place in Ljusdal if you look at the map down in this page. The buyers are a nice young family with their roots in the hamlet. We are convinced that they will take good care of the estate.

Memory page my husband Roland

My name Ingegerd is an ancient Nordic name - you can find it in the Icelandic Sagas. The syllable "Inge" is for one of the heathen gods in Nordic mythology and can even stand for "young", and "gerd" has something to do with being as a matron, a housekeeper. It has the same etymological root as the English word "warden" or "guard".
Ingegerd the historical saint

ugglemorI have a nickname - Ugglemor - that is Swedish for Owl Mother

frog this is just me...
I'm really an addict to my computer, some periods I spend more then twelve hours a'day sitting in front of it. As I'm retired I spend my hours freely
Retirement is supposed to be a time when you can do things you haven't done before. Retirement is not retiring!!! --- I have become such a computer addict. --- Especially I like to make stationery and graphics in PaintShopPro. I still have so much to learn on this computer. There are so many nice friends in Internet who like to help ...

There are other things but my computer I am interested in, for instance read books, take photographs, nature (especially flowers and birds). Earlier we have made a lot of traveling but that is nowadays mostly memories due to our health situation.

Some photos from my childhood

Via this page you can find some of the pages I have made.

Last changes: June 2014

Map where you can find Färila and Ljusdal at the black dot in the middle of Sweden in the small map of Sweden.
Detailed map of the black dot area. The house where we have been living 1960-2009 is in Färila at the main road 84 which is heavily trafficked during the skiing season in the mountains. The apartment where I live now is in Ljusdal.
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