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Why do I name myself "UGGLEMOR"?

Once upon a time, when I was young and alert, I was a Girl Guide. They gave me tha nickname "Ugglan" (that is the Owl) because of, when instructing the youngsters about how to do knots, then I said "you should take this end into that loop"
- in my dialect the Swedish word "loop" and the Swedish word "owl" sounded too alike.
Then I was considered to be an "owl" as I always was sitting with my nose in a book, "she who knows everything" - the latter not always said as a compliment . . . .
Then I was named "Ugglan" among the Girl Guides.

When I was searching for a "nickname" to use in Internet I considered my old one and named myself "Ugglan".

owl and rabbit

But my very good friend "Kaninen" - that is "the Rabbit" began to name me "Ugglemor" instead.
So when I began to be interested in Garden of Friendship and they asked for a nickname I chose "Ugglemor". That is nowadays my Internet alias and I am often trying to make SigTags and such pictures with the owl.


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